Maine Recovery Leadership Institute

MAAR's Leadership Institute provides recovery-focused activities and events that strengthen leadership capacity in Maine recovery communities. Women and men who recover from alcohol and other drug (AOD) dependency may not recognize their leadership abilities due to the consequences of their addiction. In addition, recovering people face stigma and discrimination as the greatest recovery barriers, making it hard to get treatment, request assistance and find meaningful ways to contribute to their communities.

MAAR recognizes the importance of identifying one’s gifts, and the strengthening of self esteem and confidence to sustain recovery over time. This process also helps recovering people better participate in their communities as neighbors and leaders.

MAAR offers a variety of training events to support recovering people in developing these leadership skills. As recovery advocates, we know that recovering people and allies serve as key educators about recovery, which lessens stigma and discrimination toward recovering people and their families. The national push to advance Recovery Oriented Systems of Care requires leadership from recovering people.

See upcoming programs listed under 'Events' or contact MAAR for more information.

Ongoing Leadership projects include:

  • Annual Recovery Month events
  • Recovering Women’s Leadership Training (RWLT)
  • Recovery Coach Initiative
  • Weekly All-Recovery Support Groups
  • Annual Silver Tea honoring women in recovery

Darren Ripley, Coordinator

Office 207.621.4111 Cell 207.458.4366