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Maine's Path of Legislation - How a Bill Becomes a Law

Advocacy & The Legislative Process (pdf) - Powerpoint slides from June 2009 Training

2011 New Laws 125th Legislature

2010 Liquor Laws Summary

2009 Legislative Summary of Liquor Laws

Maine Liquor Licensing and Compliance : Check this link for updates

Alcohol Sales Policies for Licensees

MAPSA Supports the Fund for a Healthy Maine

Fund for a Healthy Maine History and Vision

Business Case for the Fund for a Healthy Maine Fact Sheet

MECEP's 7/5/11 State of the State show about the Fund for Healthy Maine

Prevention News

Parents Influence Teens' Decisions About Drunk or Drugged Driving, Study Finds

Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among teens but NIDA's 2011 Monitoring the Future Survey also shows continued high levels of abuse of alternate tobacco products, marijuana and prescription drugs

Early Marijuana or Alcohol Use Related to Later Substance Use Disorders

Drugfree Work Week is October 17-24: Working Drug Free Works! (poster)

Parents Say, "Other Teens Drink And Use Marijuana -- But My Kids Don't"

National survey shows a rise in illicit drug use from 2008 to 2010                  Increased rates of marijuana use drive increase, especially among young adults

Maine Voices: Strong prevention efforts could lower high cost of substance abuse

Addiction Now Defined as Brain Disorder, Not Behavior Issue

Drugs of Abuse (2011 Edition) A DEA Resource Guide: a resource for information on the Controlled Substances Act, drug scheduling, and the most commonly abused drugs.

More Older Adults Seek Treatment for Substance Abuse

Parents Toll-Free Helpline offers assistance to parents who want to talk with someone about their child's drug use and drinking

Cutting Substance Abuse Prevention Moves Maine Backwards


Two Key Questions are Focus of New Teen Alcohol Screener for Pediatricians   A new alcohol screening tool that focuses on two key questions is designed to help pediatricians spot children and adolescents at risk for alcohol-related problems. The doctor asks about the patient’s own drinking, as well as his or her friends’ alcohol use.

French Lessons: Why Letting Kids Drink At Home Isn't 'Tres Bien'

Teen Study: 5 Drinks A Day, No Biggie

Most Teen Get Their Alcohol From Home  

Teens and Alcohol - Tips for Parents

Alcohol and Teen Brain Development

Maine Attorney General Calls on Pabst Brewing Company to Stop Selling or Alter New Product “Blast” by Colt 45 - “Binge–In-A-Can” Equivalent to Five Beers in One Serving

School Nurse: It's Not OK to Give Teens Alcohol for Prom and Graduation


Don't Be Fooled: Marijuana Use Is Not Safe For Teens

Teens and Marijuana: Information for Parents

Marijuana Use Rises In Popularity Among Teens

Maine Compass: Joint effort needed to stop 'bath salts' abuse

Getting The Facts About Bath Salts

Bath Salts in Maine Force Authorities to Adapt

Bath salt abuse: growing problem for Maine police 

Inhalant Abuse: Parents and the Power of Prevention

National Study Confirms Teen Drug Use Trending In The Wrong Direction: Marijuana, Ecstasy Use Up Since 2008, Parents Feel Ill-Equipped To Respond

Prescription Drugs

National Prescription Drug Takeback Day: Saturday, October 26, 2013

New report shows treatment admissions for abuse of prescription pain relievers have risen 430 percent from 1999-2009

Painkillers in Maine: Cure and Curse - Portland Press Herald six part series on prescription drug abuse in Maine

Nonmedical Use of Prescription Pain Relievers and Tranquilizers More Prevalent in U.S. Than Use of All Types of Illicit Drugs Except Marijuana

Prescription Drug Abuse and Adolescents

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan: Epidemic: Responding to America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis

DEA Administrator: Help Us Stop Prescription Drug Abuse


A Costly and Preventable Public Health Problem in Maine: Substance Abuse
2013 MAPSA Brochure

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The Advocacy Tool Kit

A guide for individuals, coalitions and stakeholders to effectively advance education and advocacy efforts for the continuum of substance use disorder services.

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