The mission of the Maine Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse is to build a unified statewide voice for substance abuse prevention.  MAPSA members are a diverse group of prevention specialists, service providers, community coalition members and individuals with an interest in and a commitment to substance abuse prevention. 

MAPSA works with members, allies and key stakeholders to assess and strengthen Maine’s infrastructure for substance abuse prevention by:

  • Advocating for the need for and benefit of consistent funding for substance abuse prevention.
  • Supporting a climate where Maine communities are empowered to address substance abuse issues
  • Demonstrating that substance abuse prevention should be a state-wide public health priority
  • Providing a network for members to identify and take action on common issues
  • Sharing current research, best practices, publications and resources
  • Identifying opportunities for state and federal resources.

Member Benefits  Throughout the legislative session, MAPSA tracks the legislation that impacts substance abuse prevention efforts in Maine. Major focus areas continue to be maintaining funding including protection of the Fund for a Healthy Maine, monitoring bills related to alcohol, drugs, and public health, and identifying resources and opportunities for partnership and collaboration.  Benefits of membership include:

  • Discounted registration for MAPSA's Annual Prevention Convention
  • Membership in a statewide prevention network with professional development and training opportunities
  • Updates and alerts on legislative and policy initiatives and communications about advocacy, press releases and talking points, and resources that support substance abuse prevention efforts
  • A statewide prevention network and the opportunity to be joined with others for effective advocacy
  • Because MAPSA is an affiliate program of the Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs (MASAP), MAPSA members can access benefits from SAAS - State Associations of Addiction Services, the national organization that advocates on behalf of state associations like MASAP that represent prevention, treatment, and recovery providers, including a 20% discount on Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services to purchase curricula, educational manuals, videos and other materials.

Member Responsibilities   MAPSA members help shape how substance abuse prevention is valued in our state.  With your MAPSA membership you lend your commitment, your knowledge and your action to strengthen Maine’s prevention and public health community and to create lasting change by demonstrating:

  • A commitment to substance abuse prevention issues.
  • An ability and willingness to be an active advocate for substance abuse prevention issues, including legislative and media advocacy.
  • Support of MAPSA’s mission, goals and initiatives and participation in MAPSA events, committees and programs.


Raya Kouletsis, Coordinator     The Maine Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (MAPSA)


The Advocacy Tool Kit

A guide for individuals, coalitions and stakeholders to effectively advance education and advocacy efforts for the continuum of substance use disorder services.

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Online donations can be made to the Maine Substance Abuse Foundation, MAPSA's 501(c)3 sister organization that assists with fund-raising.

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