The Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs is a statewide organization that provides multi-level services, programming and coordinated leadership to ensure that Mainers have full access to prevention, treatment and recovery services for alcohol and other drugs issues. As Maine's membership association for alcohol and other drug disorders and addictions, MASAP members and programs represent the continuum of recovery oriented systems - from prevention (MAPSA) through treatment and recovery support (MAAR).

MASAP and its programs represent the majority of Maine's licensed substance abuse treatment agencies and prevention and recovery coalitions. To meet the goal of ensuring full access to services, MASAP is the conduit for timely information between its members and DHHS and advocates at the state and national level for appropriate funding, policies and regulations that impact both people needing services and businesses providing services to Mainers. MASAP is committed to changing the face of addiction in Maine. Our members are committed to.

REDUCING HEALTH CARE COSTS: Expand access to prevention, treatment and recovery services through private health insurance and public healthcare systems.

DECREASE WELFARE DEPENDENCY: Recognize and address drug and alcohol problems as a barrier to self sufficiency and include access to prevention, treatment and recovery services throughout the system,.

STRENGTHEN YOUTH, FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES: Facilitate coordination, collaboration and expansion of substance abuse prevention services to help children grow up healthy, principled and productive.

CURTAIL CRIME, RECIDIVISM AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE COSTS: Increase substance abuse treatment opportunities as an alternative to incarceration and provide prevention services to offender families to interrupt the drug abuse/criminal justice cycle.

INCREASE WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY: Provide employers with incentives to establish drug and alcohol free work environments.

ENHANCE HEALTH CARE DELIVERY: Educate healthcare professionals to recognize drug and alcohol abuse and dependency symptoms which will facilitate the provision of cost effective early intervention, treatment and recovery services..